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This website of the group ( or and at the same time the partners of this website may or do not use cookies. Cookies are small data files stored in your internet browser, which in the case of websites are primarily used by advertisers to check the correct display of the advertisement, or to personalize the selection of a specific advertisement based on your internet usage data stored in Google data centers. You can delete these cookies from your browser at any time. Here we have prepared a guide for you to view and edit your data and data on the Internet, including a description of how we use your data.

How to clear cookies
Instructions on how to delete cookies from your web browser can be found here:

Transparent use and control of your data
The website itself and its operator Evaluate Dynamics s.r.o. does not create or process any separate database of all users of the web service

All data associated with the use of the website are processed primarily through Google or partners (partners are listed below). In the case of the group websites, Google and Evaluate Dynamics are the administrators of this user data or personal data.

We are not interested in confidential information about you, your family, or the financial, social, health, or other aspects of your life. We only collect data that is relevant to the selection of an appropriate ad (so-called personalized advertising). This personalized ad is more user-friendly, delivers targeted offers, and is more effective for our advertisers. Personalized advertising is beneficial for the overall publisher-Agency-Advertiser-User ecosystem and thus allows new content to be constantly published on the Internet, which is available to website users free of charge.

To ensure the transparency of our handling of this data, you can control and edit your data on the Internet:
Personal information:
Privacy check:
Personalization or You on Google:

Your data and our data storage
Evaluate Dynamics s.r.o. does not separately store any data associated with the use of the group's websites, except for user emails associated with a specific place to which newsletters with weather forecasts are sent. If you are subscribed to this newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time and delete your email from our database.

We also do not store any identification data of our users. You can at any time to delete any of your data in connection with the use of our services.

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